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The validation you give to yourself is all the validation you need

Throughout life, you’re going to have days of wanting to look good, feel good through someone else’s appreciation and words. Here at Growth Initiative, we focus on giving yourself that because waiting for someone else is frankly, getting boring. If you want to have a badass mindset and approach life fearlessly, we have to start working on giving yourself the love, time, and appreciation you truly deserve.

The Founder

Tiara Munasinghe

She created Growth Initiative to guide and teach you to step out of your pain with power in your mind and badass written over your attitude towards life.

Tiara believes that life happens for you and not to you, she will teach you how to look at life as a blessing every single day and see its challenges as a way to enjoy the detours towards your dream life.

She is a psych undergrad and a passionate coach ready to see you through to your newest version of life.

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I'm a life and mindset coach and I have been in the field of self development and self love for 3 years

Boss up walk through

Babe!!! Let me tell you. This is the game-changer. 5 weeks of total immersion into a world of self-growth and self-love. The success formula is 80% psychology and 20% mechanisms . .

Rise up mentorship

Have you ever thought to yourself “I am so sick of my own crap”? Then this is it. Like ever had that ugh moment? Yeah if you’ve had that. This is for you.

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I strongly function on the belief that there is something to learn from everyone. If we let ourselves speak and let ourselves learn, we can be of help to so many people and also absorb an abundance of knowledge from those around us.
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Have faith –

The most beautiful words I can ever tell anyone going through a shitty time. Have faith, take a deep breath, my love, let go and

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